James Grayley Architects


Artists Studio

Private Client, Norfolk, 2018

A new studio space for a landscape artist set within a walled garden

The site of a former 19th century Manor House, lost to fire in the 1960s, provides a series of contrasting landscapes for the new building to engage with: the formality of the original walled garden and the wild pasture beyond which retains traces of the formal Jacobean landscape.

The proposed designs are the result of a rigorous assessment of the surviving plans of the original Manor House and its connections to the remaining service wing, now the family home.

The proposed studio building is partially enclosed and concealed by the existing garden walls and aligned with a key axis within the historic landscape, with openings looking towards a romantic vista that in the 19th century terminated in an elaborate fountain.

The proposals create a considered enfilade of internal and external rooms drawing on a rich tradition of follies within the landscape.