James Grayley Architects



Private Client, Dorchester, 2013

Remodelling and extension of a family home in Dorset

The project develops ideas explored in the previous project at Prospect House and aims to remodel, extend and retrofit a 1960s house in Broadmayne, Dorchester. Our proposal deliberately rejects demolishing the original house, instead responding to its problems and making a series of strategic interventions to upgrade the existing building fabric to create a contemporary sustainable home.

The house will be re-organised internally with accommodation moved and extended to take account of orientation and view, and a series of extended forms are added to the original house to creat new accommodation. A number of loggia spaces reunite the interior of the house with its garden, blurring the threshold between inside and out, and a reworking of the landscape is proposed.

The existing building fabric will be insulated and upgraded and the form and materials of the project will resituate the house in the wider context of the local Dorset vernacular.