James Grayley Architects


Education Campus

South West England , 2020

Development of a long term framework for a regional Education Campus

The project develops a framework masterplan for an outdoor education campus for the benefit of young people in the south west.

The site is a largely undeveloped, vast natural landscape close to an urban centre. Our proposals develop a strategy that retains and further enhances this verdant character and
creates spaces for young people to learn through experience and adventure.

The proposals include the construction of a multifunctional building on site that creates a regional hub and head quarters for the charity, but also seeks to address present and future needs of the community, and creates a commercial strategy for the long term viability of the site through third party partnering and community use.

The building and support structures carefully consider their physical and ecological footprint on the site, are constructed from locally sourced natural materials, and using methods that display, celebrate and educates users in the craft of their making.

The construction of the buildings is conceived as a participatory project for young people, designed to allow workshops and educational activities to take place during their construction. Opportunities for wood-working, jointing and traditional crafts are all to be explored to create a structure built by the local community that it will serve.