James Grayley Architects


Hackney Housing

Peabody London, London, 2014

Fifteen new build houses for Peabody London

The project presents an opportunity to re-appraise under used sites around inner London. By re-interpreting the traditional London Mews, a flexible contemporary dwelling is developed.

The building form is visually perceived as both an individual home and a collective community oriented around a series of public garden rooms. The spaces between and around the houses are given equal importance as those inside, with a deep threshold lobby space becoming an external part of the inner house re-presented to the street. This extended ground floor room fosters a sense of community and neighbourhood, re-imagining and celebrating the traditional idea of the life of the London Street.

The new houses are highly efficient and implement emerging renewable technologies to achieve a Code For Sustainable Homes rating of level five.

Client - Peabody London Small Projects Panel