James Grayley Architects


Prospect House

In collaboration with Dow Jones Architects, Bath, 2010

Complete remodelling and retrofit of a family home in Bath

The project is conceived as an investigation into the potential to upgrade even the poorest environmentally performing houses to create contemporary sustainable homes without the need for demolition and rebuild.
The original house was built in the 1980s and suffered from poor environmental performance and felt disconnected from its site and the city beyond. The house was stripped back to its structure and the interior reorganised around the sun path and new windows and rooflights were cut to allow views across the valley and bring light into the darkest areas of plan. A series of terraces reunite the house with its garden and a new separate studio was built in the landscape. The house was heavily insulated and wrapped entirely in brown zinc cladding in a response to the formal Georgian heavy masonry construction of the surrounding houses.

Building Design Magazine Architect of the Year Award - Refurbishment 2010 - Winner
The Daily Telegraph Home Building and Renovating Award 2012 - Highly Commended

Photographers David Grandorge & Paul Koslowski