James Grayley Architects


Somerset Housing

Private Developer, Somerset, 2018

A development of new build dwellings in a post-industrial landscape

Set within a picturesque rural valley in northern Somerset rigorous research of the proposed site has revealed the remaining traces of a heavily industrialised 18th and 19th century landscape, including the remnants of disused coalmining pits, the former Camerton and Limpley Stoke railway, and Somersetshire Coal Canal.

The proposal is located along the ridge of the steeply sloping site, overlooking a small brook at the foot of the valley. The new villas will be distributed in informal clusters, allowing for glimpses of the verdant countryside between the structures, and creating variety of shared and private external spaces cut into the hillside.

The houses, of a variety of scales, and orientations will create a rich and varied proposal carefully knitted into this complex landscape.